About Us


KAREDA, by its full official name “Karpathian Energy Development Agency S.A.”, is a start-up incorporated as a research and development consultancy business in the sphere of geoscience, natural resources and engineering. We are a group of oil and gas professionals (consultants and project developers) from Romania who, after practicing our skills and offering design solutions both for the domestic and international markets, have decided to establish an independent entity to preserve and pass down to the next generation the know-how and contacts that we’ve garnered.

As of 2024 we are in the process of turning KAREDA into an explorer and simultaneously looking for oil&gas fields that can be purchased, fully or partially (farm-in), which will constitute our portfolio of producing assets.

KAREDA bears the title of Foreign Petroleum Company of Romania.


The Company’s mission is to become an independent explorer and amass a portfolio of high-potential perimeters that, if successful, will be transferred to the operating assets portfolio, which is a form of organic growth, or will be sold to strategic partners, as chosen by our shareholders.

Complementary to this, we are offering our know-how to clients worldwide in need of consultancy services for everything spanning from exploration to the production and decommissioning of fields.

As a country we are proud to poses some extraordinary technical talent in the sphere of geoscience, reservoir engineering and onshore field operations.