Integrated Asset Management

Unfortunately, as they age, fields become increasingly difficult to operate economically due to pressure drawdown, low hydrocarbon saturation, high water-cut, corrosion of tubing and surface installations, sand influx, scaling, and costly IOR/EOR operations.
The advantage of mature fields however, is that they contain plenty of data (well logs, production, history-matched simulation models, etc.) which can be used for identification of opportunities.

KAREDA can be hired to act as the subsurface department of the client, thus the operator by signing a long term Integrated Asset Management contract will benefit from our knowledge, resources and focus on a daily basis.

Usually tasks undertaken can be any of the following and more:

  • Reservoir Management
    • Will involve geological remodeling, production forecasting and pressure management
  • Flow Assurance Management
  • Field Re-Development
    • Identifying infill drilling spots
    • Proposing workover operations at existing wells (operations which will be designed entirely by us, upon expectations of the client
    • Selecting and implementing pumps and artificial lift systems
    • Planning, downscaling, upscaling of surface facilities
  • Production System Performance Analysis (Well simulation flow)
  • Surface Network Modelling
  • Database updating
  • Fluid allocation per well / sector / bloc
  • Workflow optimization
  • Due diligence and reserves reporting
  • History matching
  • Production log (PLT) analysis for petrophysical re-modeling purposes and production allocation
  • Risk management
    • Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with asset operations, including risks related to safety, environmental impact, regulatory compliance, and market conditions.