Capabilities Overview

Our Capabilities and Expertise

Comprised of reservoir engineers, petrophysicists, geologists, geophysicists, production engineers, economists, and business development managers, our team is adept at spearheading diverse projects across the spectrum of oil and gas exploration and production.

With a proven track record spanning the globe, we seamlessly navigate the complexities of both onshore and offshore ventures, collaborating with a wide array of entities ranging from esteemed National Oil Companies (NOCs) to dynamic research institutes.

At the heart of our capabilities lies a profound mastery of revitalizing production from mature fields, where we excel in crafting tailored solutions to the unique challenges they present. Leveraging insights gleaned from experiences like Romania’s mature fields, we offer invaluable foresight into the adaptive strategies required for regions such as the Middle East and emerging petroleum-producing territories.

We are in a partnership with the Heriot-Watt University to instruct our junior staff on how to use the latest state-of-the-art commercially-available software together with the School’s knowledge about integrating different geoscience and reservoir engineering topics in order to be able to carry out complex Integrated Reservoir Studies.

Technology Used

At the heart of E&P software lie three critical components: interoperability, expansive capabilities, and widespread industry adoption. As standard practice, our team of engineers and geoscientists utilizes a suite of industry-leading software solutions for their endeavours:

  • Geomodelling and geophysics: PETREL
  • Petrophysical interpretation: TECHLOG
  • Reservoir simulation: CMG
  • Field management: OFM
  • Well testing: KAPPA

This carefully curated ensemble represents our pinnacle proficiency. While we continuously evaluate emerging software to augment our capabilities and streamline workflows, our primary selection remains steadfast. Unless expressly warranted by specific requirements, our default preference aligns with these established choices, ensuring the utmost precision and efficiency in our studies.